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What Can Hypnosis Help With?

Zen Level Therapy can help with hundreds of issues that are often times considered non-treatable by modern medicine and therapy. I have included some examples below and and more comprehensive list available through the links under each category.

Abuse, Trauma, PTSD

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Regression Therapy 

Age regression therapy is vital in removing the effects of abuse, trauma and PTSD. I have tested many methods over the years - EMDR, EMI, circle therapy, etc. None come anywhere close to our unique spin on regression therapy coupled with hypnosis. Our process yields powerful results for even those who have "tried everything". 

Fears | Phobias

Humans have only four true fears. 2 physical fears and 2 psychological fears. Outside of these four the rest are ones you've created yourself. This is why removing fears and phobias for the majority of people is extremely easy! In as little as 1 - 2 hours you too can feel the relief of no longer being affected by your fears and phobias! Live life the way it was meant to be lived!

Fears and Phobias


Women Specific Issues

Image by Denys Nevozhai

Women Specific

Despite us all being human beings, we as individuals experience life completely differently. Ladies you require no proof of that as you live that fact every single day. You do however have one up on the men. When something is not right, you are far more open and willing to ask for assistance. This has allowed me to teach and train many of you to rid yourself of whatever is stopping you from becoming the individual you wish to be with the skills, abilities and resources needed for you to succeed in whatever you choose to apply them to.     

Anxiety and PTSD

Anxiety and PTSD

You may have heard that there is no cure for anxiety and depression, and this is correct. That would be because like all states and feelings, anxiety and depression are a completely normal part of the human experience. Last I checked there was no cure to being human. There is however a great way to retrain your mental, physical and emotional states to feel these emotions only when appropriate. Believe it or not, there is a proper time and place to experience them. Everything in it's right place!        


Negative Feelings


Negative Feelings | Depression

Negative feelings are an inherent part of the human experience and they are not going anywhere. Meditate butt naked in a cave for 20 years and they still remain. Reach the pinnacle of your goals and dreams only to find them lurking in the shadows patiently waiting for you. Learn to overcome and control the multitude of negative feelings you experience in your life in a powerful way.      

Family and Relationships

Relationship | Family

I get asked all the time how I can specialize in relationships as well as something like abuse/trauma & PTSD. Well, that's because they are all connected! We take our previous life experiences, the good and bad with us everywhere we go. A lot like luggage! That and relationships are not all that complicated to begin with. In fact, there are 7 skills to improve any relationship. You can apply this to any stage of any relationship and it'll work. Let me show you.       

relationship rescue.jpg

Intimacy and Sex

Image by Dainis Graveris

Love | Sex

Looking for that long lost spark? Wondering where the excitement and passion went? Bored? Let me tell you, nothing kills a relationship faster than a dead bedroom. You can be neurotic or you can be orgasmic but you can't be both. These sessions come in 3 flavors, Mild, Spicy, and Muy Caliente. Mild is for those having issues rounding the bases. Inability/difficulty orgasming, erectile dysfunction, low/no libido, premature ejaculation, etc. Spicy is for those who are looking for the next level. Elevated pleasure states, stronger more powerful orgasms, multiple orgasms, etc. Muy Caliente is for those devout pleasure seekers looking to burn the bedroom down. 

Career | Success | Money

Did you know that money isn't a good motivating force? Think about it. Imagine doing a job you hate and you get a significant raise, do you automatically love your job now? Nope. You are just doing what you hate for more and likely with more responsibility and expectation from you too. It's not about the money. Then what is it really about then? Maybe it's time now to have the conversation. What is it really about for you? Let's have that conversations and turn that thing into getting more of what you want and need in your life. Even if that happens to be money!  

Business and Success

Smoking Cessation


Stop Smoking for Good

Despite what you have heard you are not addicted to smoking or nicotine. You are addicted to what you believe smoking does for you. Take it from someone who smoked for 20 years and stopped in an instant, no replacement, no weight gain, no cravings, no looking back. I can show you how.        

Health and Wellbeing

Weight | Exercise | Health

Once a friend approached me and said, I need to lose weight! I said, Perfect! Eat properly and exercise! They said, I know that!! I said, Great! Go do it! They looked at me frustrated. What?! I said, You have all the information and know what you need to do, so what's the problem? Having the information and knowing what to do with it is different, they replied. So what do you really need then? I asked them. I need to do those things. So then this isn't about losing the weight, it's about the ability to do what you need to do. Do that and the weight will come off on it's own. Yes! Now THAT is something I can help you with!          


Sleep | Stress | Relaxation

Good news! Sleep issues are typically not actually issues at all, they are symptoms. This is why people try tons of things that may work for awhile but don't usually last. Cut the weed and leave the roots, the weed will just re-grow over and over again until you remove the root.

So... that's what we do!        


Direction | Self Improvement

Do you know what kind of future you want? Do you know how to get yourself there?

Direction or the "strategy" is the 3rd and final step towards success. Unfortunately many of us start with this step and work backwards which is why we end up feeling lost or as if we are 'spinning our wheels'. After all, there is a huge difference between forward momentum and forward progress. It is imperative you know the difference. Because that is the difference between just moving towards the future and moving towards the future you desire. 

Image by Darius Bashar

Men Specific Issues


Men Specific

I'm not going to lie to you guys, 90% of my clientele are women. Not because of who I am, what I do, or how I do it, it's simply because women are more open to asking for assistance. That's it. In this regard we are light years behind them and guess what; I'm teaching them all how to be better versions of themselves. How to control their thoughts, emotions and behaviors. How to embrace who they were, who they are, and who they are becoming. They are growing, moving forward and not looking back. Bottom line, women are stepping up and they are handling their shit. If they are single, you can bet they are going to be looking for someone who is at the same or higher level of growth. If you are already in a relationship with one of these women, be careful because you grow together or your grow apart. Gentlemen you are as different to women as the issues you face and deal with every day, so let's do this! Call for the assist!                

Live Speaker / Seminars

Seminars and Live Speaking Engagements

Change doesn't have to be hard and learning doesn't have to be boring. I provide fun and interesting group sessions and seminars that engage and empower everyone present. Easy to understand and apply skills that can help with just about anything you want to improve. From the boardroom to the bedroom and everything in between these seminars and talks are designed to change your life forever!             


Counseling / Coaching

Image by Jamie Templeton

Counseling | Coaching

Direct hypnosis too much to dive into head first? Already well on your way and just need that extra push? Maybe you just need a different style and approach? Whatever your reason we offer sessions to fine tune the tools and skills you already have and give you new ones to add to your toolkit. We've taken all the complicated stuff and broken it down into fun and easy to apply systems to get you where you are going successfully. This is perfect for the individual who changes best when they know how and why and can talk through it. Make no mistake though, this is not your normal talk therapy. This is the difference between buying a gym membership and hiring a personal trainer. Just for your brain!                   

Sleep Issues

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