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Specialty Programs

Image by Susan Wilkinson
Abuse, Trauma, PTSD Release

Zen Level Therapy started out and continues to specialize in removing the effects of abuse, trauma and PTSD.  

Available as one-on-one sessions only.  

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Image by Johnson Wang
Ultimate Self-Mastery 

Learn how to become the ultimate master of your reality and take control of every area of your life, now! 

Available as one-on-one sessions or a 3-day seminar.  

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Image by FLY:D
Unlock Your Success Mindset

Success is NOT an accident! Understand how your mind is holding you back and how to unlock it to utilize it's full potential!

Available as one-on-one sessions or a 2-day seminar.

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Image by Sharon McCutcheon
The Pleasure Principle

Learn how pleasure can become one of the most powerful mental, physical and emotional motivators in your life.

Available as one-on-one sessions or a 1-day seminar

*This program is designed for women ONLY* - More Information

Image by Oziel Gómez
The Gold Standard Relationship

Take control of your relationship with a step-by-step program that will elevate you to the Gold Standard. 

Available as one-on-one sessions or group session

*This program is for men or couples ONLY* - More Information


Eliminate or drastically reduce old, persistent, chronic pain once and for all using the OldPain2Go methodology!

Available as a single session or group session

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