Specialty Programs

Image by Johnson Wang
Ultimate Self-Mastery 

Learn how to become the ultimate master of your reality and take control of every area of your life, now! 

Available as one-on-one sessions or a 3-day seminar.  

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Unlock Your Success Mindset

Success is NOT an accident! Understand how your mind is holding you back and how to unlock it to utilize it's full potential!

Available as one-on-one sessions or a 2-day seminar.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
The Pleasure Principle

Learn how pleasure can become one of the most powerful mental, physical and emotional motivators in your life.

Available as one-on-one sessions or a 1-day seminar

*This program is designed for women ONLY*

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The Gold Standard Relationship

Take control of your relationship with a step-by-step program that will elevate you to the Gold Standard. 

Available as one-on-one sessions or group session

*This program is for men or couples ONLY*


Eliminate or drastically reduce old, persistent, chronic pain once and for all using the OldPain2Go methodology!

Available as a single session or group session