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"Most helpful therapist/counselor I have been to."


- Yolanda Izzotti

"I highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a great hypnotherapy experience!"


- Jennifer Alexander

"What? It's been a month already? Time is sure flying by!

Things are super over here. I actually had to ask myself last week when was the last time I thought about my anxiety. And I couldn't really remember. I'm still putting your practices to good use, and see such a change in myself and my life. I can keep relatively calm, even in the most stressful of situations. If I have a negative thought, I notice it and let it go. Definitely enjoying the new person I've become. I'm so glad I made the decision to look outside the "normal" methods of coping with anxiety and found you and your practice on my search. Seriously life changing. Thanks for what you do Chris. "


- R

"Chris was AMAZING! I came in with bad anxiety and poor sleep and a few days after just my first session, my anxiety was completely gone and I'm finally getting a full night's rest (it had been awhile). I got a lot of closure from past traumas in my session, it was extremely healing and therapeutic. I would 10/10 recommend Zen Level Therapy (and I have). If you're having any issues with anything at all, do yourself a favour and book a session with Chris! You have nothing to loose and everything to gain."


- Silvana Franco

"I had a session with Chris and I could not believe how good the results were. I tried psychologists, counseling and EMDR but nothing compared to the results I got with Chris. He accomplished in a few hours what years of other therapy just scratched the surface on. Thanks Chris!"

- Matt Walters

"It was an awesome experience into my "theme". Thank you for your help in realizing that and for all your words of wisdom in how to make sense of things!"


"Hi Chris, I hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that I played a very difficult piece at the King Eddy last night with a violin player and I didn't freeze up. I made a shitload of mistakes but I was able to recover. That is such a big deal for me so thank you so much! I'd like to make another appointment for sometime after Easter if possible, let me know your schedule. Kind Regards,"

- RD

"Thank you! It was such a mind blowing experience. I want to do it again and will. I've also been referring you to people at home and work!"

- BP

"I contacted Christopher for exploratory Past Life Regression therapy and WOW! What a fantastic experience. It took two sessions, the first of which we worked on releasing control and relaxing, the second was exploring my past life. Christopher was amazing and patient. I learned so much about myself and the metaphysical world in those two sessions and look forward to going again. I highly recommend this even if you are a skeptic :)"

- Brianna Pupelin

"Hi Christopher! 

Wanted to let you know that my golf game was pretty darn good! Wasn't perfection but definitely one of the better games that I've had and I'm going to work at perfecting it!"

- VT

"OMG Chris! Our relationship has flipped a full 180 practically over night!! I can't even believe it. We used some of the things you taught us in the bedroom and (I'm so sorry if this is TMI) that one night turned into an entire weekend! I have no words. It's just changed and I cant even believe we have more sessions to go! Can't wait! Thank you!"


- TU

"Thanks for checking in! I'm doing AMAZING. I got a new job that I love, I'm finally in a healthy relationship, I'm taking care of my body and exercising and getting good sleep and I'm learning how to play guitar. Everything is lovely. I hope you're doing well too! Warm Regards,"


"Hey Chris

Thanks for the check in. Everything is going well so far. Thank you again for your help. My entire life has changed. I'm happy all the time, stress about nothing. Still doing my exercises. My confidence level is great, I can't really believe it all myself. Keep Care,"

- PO

"Seen Chris a couple times, the last session was when I had a mini crisis. Not only did Chris manage to see me right away but also was able to deal with the issue immediately and effectively in one session. I would highly recommend Zen Level Therapy for any issues or obstacles that you are facing or just to experience a relaxation session"


- Inga Van Keulen

"Hi Chris

Nice to hear from you and hope all is well in your world. Things are a lot calmer with me. I am amazingly still smoke free and so grateful for it. I have become very creative and learning all about chalk painting furniture, turning furniture into art. I have never felt that I had this kind of artistic flair, but I feel from our sessions that it opened up something good!"

- LB

"Chris was awesome. I had an idea of what I would be expecting, but I had never experienced it before, however it was a nice feleing of relief and reassurance to my current situation and would recommend this for guidance or relief as well. Thanks Chris!"

- Kaylee Toth

"Really helpful, intuitive and inspiring. Chris is a trustworthy and excellent hypnotherapist, and I have sought his help successfully on several issues. Highly recommended"


- Rosanna Dagnillo

"Sorry it's taken me awhile to report in from the session we had. 

So my sleep has definitely improved and the odd occasion I have woken and my mind started to tick over, I've been really pleasantly surprised that the techniques you taught me have worked so well. Don't take that the wrong way of course, this is a great win! I'll be in touch in the next few weeks to have that other session we discussed."

- NB

"I have found subtle, yet profound and lasting change after three sessions with Christopher. I received tools that really help me in the day to day. If I am feeling something that is not helpful, or overwhelming in a moment, it only requires a quick check in and a recognition of what I DO want to be feeling for it to shift.


It has also allowed me to drop instantly into meditation during my daily practice. I am calmer, less reactive and generally more at peace. I recommend this type of therapy for some lasting changes!"


- Tanya Crocker

"Christopher's voice is so powerful in helping you relax to the level you did not know you can. Customer service is great - questions answered before, during and after the session. Christopher also created a plan for a few more sessions for me to help realize my roadblocks and figure out my path - I am yet to enjoy those.


Please note, that it is UP TO YOU to get the most out of these sessions. Christopher is there is help guide you!"


- Oxana Dyskin

"Just a quick not to let anyone who is considering hypnotherapy with Christopher Minor should not hesitate. 

Chris is very intuitive and without really saying anything to him, he directed the therapy beyond the bad habit to having a full and rich life which is the main directive for me. 

I have gained such a feeling of peace and control over my life, I feel I can put energy towards what really matters instead of coping. 

I have so many creative sides to consider. Thank you Chris for the re-minding me that it is possible to have choices."

- Leslie Barrell

"Loved my experience!! Past life regression was personally the best experience I've had in a long time and definitely worth a go! Chris did an amazing job!"

- Megan Blazina

"Hi Christopher!

Thanks for checking in, I've been doing well. My classes are finished now and I'm getting ready for final exams.


I've also been doing pretty well with the skills you've taught me. I made a phone call the other day and barely felt nervous at all. Thanks to the sessions we did, I've made a lot of progress towards managing anxiety and becoming more grounded.


I feel confident that I will be able to continue managing my anxiety and using the skills I've gained. Thank you again for all your help!"

- SF

"I strongly recommend a 90 minute session or longer. The trauma and heavy grief I was experiencing was lifted and lightened to the weight of a feather. I felt peaceful and have sustained this state ever since. Thank you Chris for doing what you do. I felt safe and was aware throughout the experience. I don't even remember the emotional pain I was experiencing prior to our session. I am enjoying more creativity and relaxation and am able to focus on tasks with ease. I feel calm."

- Veronica Palin

"Hi Christopher!

Thanks for checking in! I am adapting quite nicely actually, to having everyone at home. I have very little fear or anxiety around this Covid stuff. That's pretty great! It's a little weird being around people who are fully panicking, but I use it as an oppertunity to set some good boundaries and hold space for them when it feels right to do so.

Doing check-ins have been difficult as my children are loud and always in need of something. I get very little time alone and I am deeply grateful for the work we did, as I think it helped dramatically to prepare me for this time! I'll definately want a refresher after it is all over, perhaps sooner if I feel off-balance. I am being mindful of taking some alone time when I need it. Overall, I am pretty stable and content. 

I wanted to say thank you for all the work you've done on yourself in order to share your abilities, learned lessons and gifts with others. I find it very healing to work with men who are seekers, on a path of self-discovery and who know that their work impacts people around them. It is difficult sometimes to find men who are more free with their feelings and deeper thoughts, so I really appreciate that about you. Take good care and we will chat soon!"

- TC

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