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I first learned of hypnosis back in 2001 in my psychology class at the California State University of Northridge. While it wasn't discussed in great detail, that chapter changed my life forever. As hypnosis wasn't exactly a class you could just sign up for back then, and being 4 years too early for YouTube, I spent a great deal of time learning hypnosis from books. Finding people to teach you, let alone practice on, was a whole different challenge, and could nearly have ended that path of my life.


Luckily for me, my path took me to Las Vegas, home of the street and stage hypnotist! It was there that I learned a great deal about the hypnotic world of trance, and just how powerful of an ability I was beginning to master. At this point I could easily hypnotize someone on the street, and make a stage full of people believe they were missing their belly buttons. Yet something was missing, it always felt like with such a powerful influence, I should be doing something more for all the people I came across. 


After 5 years in Las Vegas, my path brought me to Canada where I found a very reluctant mentor. 1 year later I enrolled to become a clinical hypnotherapist, and the rest is still being written. Now, nearly 2 decades after reading a chapter in a book, I help change people's lives daily. Whether sitting in my office for therapy, out for a stroll in the park or mall, or just sitting on stage participating in one of my shows. The feeling of making a difference in someone else's life is what was missing all those years ago. It fills me with gratitude, and appreciation for the path my life has traveled.

As hypnosis has given me so much in my life, I teach all my clients self-hypnosis. The ability to relax, and go within anytime you need is so very powerful in helping handle life's everyday trials. I believe that if every person had this skill the world would be a far better place. In my lifetime, my goal is to teach this skill to as many people as I can.  

I chose the name Zen Level as zen to me is akin to a hypnotic trance. Zen literally means 'meditation' in Japanese, and a hypnotic trance is very similar to a deep meditative state.  Calm, peaceful, relaxing tranquility. Zen.


Christopher Minor, CChT