Hi! My name is Christopher Minor, Master hypnotist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. How does one end up on this path, you ask? It all started 18 years ago with a less than satisfactory explanation of hypnosis in a psychology class at my local University. 


4 years too early for YouTube I did what everyone did back then, I went to the library. Learning from books without hands on training proved much more difficult than you would imagine. Luckily for me, my path took me to Las Vegas! Home of the performing hypnotist. It was there that I spent the next 5 years learning the art of street and stage hypnosis.


Now I know what you might be thinking; This is supposed to be about therapy, not a Las Vegas stage show. I originally thought the same thing.  During the 2 years of my therapy training I did my utmost to keep them separate. While hypnosis was an integral part of the training, since I was already so adept at it I was able to focus solely on the therapy side of things. 


It wasn't until after I graduated that I discovered that while the training was extremely useful, it was limited. I also discovered that when I integrated techniques reserved for street and stage hypnosis into my therapy, my clients got better and faster results. It was this discovery that encouraged me to go off and really look at how therapy is performed in today's society. I wont bore you with the details or statistics, so lets just say the results were... less than stellar. 

Took awhile but I now understood why. Majority of therapists receive training and then do nothing more than what they are taught and how they were taught it. Realizing this, I began tearing apart all the therapy process and models currently used in therapy. What was the purpose of the process? How did it apply to the mental model? What was the formula within the process or model to achieve said result? Surprisingly I came to the conclusion that a lot of the current techniques and processes were either redundant, incomplete or just unnecessary. No wonder therapy takes so long!


3 years after I had graduated, what started as a way for me to find the best techniques and processes turned into the creation of my own unique processes, techniques and models.  If a technique was incomplete I completed it. If a model was weak I coupled it with another model to boost it's effectiveness. If a process was redundant or unnecessary I rebuilt it or re-purposed it so that it now provided value within the therapeutic setting.  After all, it seemed like an ordinary thing to do when you are looking to help your clients succeed in a short amount of time. I have since come to find after I began speaking and teaching about my methodologies, that is not the normal progression within the therapeutic community. 


Each and every year I use these processes and techniques to help people overcome the obstacles preventing them from being the person they want to be in 10 sessions or less. To this very day I continue to research, define, refine, and create new and exciting models and programs. I just love what I do.  


Christopher Minor, CCHt


2135 33 Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2T 1Z7 



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