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Ultimate Self Control

Let's face it, 2020 was bust.


Dreams, plans and goals all needing to be cast aside. It wasn't an easy year. 


So many people live their lives believing they are the ones in control, only to find that isn't the case at all. 


And 2020 hammered that realization home for many people.

I know... I helped many of them understand a very simple, yet profound concept. 

"If you are unable to give up control, then you are not the one in control".

As a hypnotist I understand control better than most people. 

After all, I've spent the last 5 years of my life helping put people back in control. 

You may be asking yourself, 'then what's the difference between this and what you normally do'?

Simple. I've removed all the therapy stuff and focused on the key fundamentals.


The processes designed to create change in every area of your life. From the boardroom to the bedroom.


These processes can be applied to every area of your life no matter how large or small. 

You see, along with the rest of the world, I had a lot of free time on my hands over the 3 month lock down.


So I did what any business owner would do... I looked at what I had been doing over the years.


My processes, my offerings, my techniques, my methodologies, everything. 


After spending some time refining, adding, reworking and expanding my practices and processes. I came to the conclusion I wanted to create something new.


I wanted 2 things;

  1.  I wanted to have a program that not only created change, it could be used universally for any issue or situation a person was moving through, now and in the future.​

  2.  As a public speaker and educator I wanted something I could teach in a seminar format. Not just another advanced technique or methodology for hypnotists and therapists. A process I could teach to anyone without any prior hypnosis or therapy experience. 

And that's what I did. 

Over the summer I ran hypnotherapy students through the new program.

With overwhelming success and a few tweaks I refined and supercharged the processes and delivery. 

Now, nearly 1 year in the making and 2021 finally upon us, the Ultimate Self-Control Program is ready!

And to mark this occasion and ensure that everyone who wants it, can get it! It is 10% OFF!

That's right 10% off, six (6) live, one-on-one  sessions where you will learn to take control of your life once and for all. 


No pre-recorded videos or reading materials. No group sessions or FaceBook Live events.


Just you and me, running through the process over 6 weeks where you will see results FAST!

So, what exactly does this program cover?

Create a Positive Base State-

Go back in your mind and remember a time that you made a mistake or a bad choice. Now, think back 5 seconds before that. Were you calm, relaxed and centered? Of course not. You were likely frustrated, stressed, agitated, impatient. I will teach you how to focus, balance and re-center yourself instantly to what I like to call a "positive resource state".


Remove Stress Easily and Instantly-

Stress is  responsible for over 75% of doctor visits and is one of the 6 leading causes of death. Let's put it this way, what happens when you place stress or tension on anything? It wears out and breaks down faster. This should be considered a 'bad thing' in your life. 

Get Out of Your Own Way - 

One of your biggest obstacles is YOU! Yes, you! Eliminate self-sabotage once and for all and stop getting in your own way of success. 

Train Your Subconscious -

Ever buy a car, new pair of shoes or a handbag and suddenly you now see them everywhere? It's not that everyone all of a sudden bought the same things as you. Your subconscious determined that these things were important to you and is now showing them to you where before it wasn't. Learn how to consciously train your subconscious to reach your desired goals.


Quiet the Conscious Mind - 

The conscious mind is the annoying part of your mind that worries non-stop. It's this part that keeps you up at night, creates stress, tension and anxiety. You know it very well. Learn how to work with it in a positive manner so that it quiets down and starts providing you with useful information you can actually use. 


Self-Hypnosis -

I just love hypnosis and the dreamy, drowsy state known as trance so much that I teach self-hypnosis to all my clients. I've found that people are severely lacking in the self-care department these days. Learn how 5 minutes of self-hypnosis can benefit you in ways you couldn't imagine. 

And more...

People who have already gone through the program have reported back unintended side effects. More energy and motivation, better sleep, weight loss, creating healthy boundaries for themselves, and more!  

While I was surprised to hear about these things, it made perfect sense.


They were now in control of their lives, so naturally the areas that needed improvement would improve.


When a person is calm, relaxed and in control of themselves more often than not, they make better choices. When a person makes better choices more often than not, their life automatically improves.  

2021 is here!


Time to put 2020 behind us and more importantly, put the old ways of doing and being behind us as well! 

Just fill out the contact form and in the comments say "I want to take control of my life!"

Let's get started! 

Christopher Minor CCHt

Zen Level Therapy

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