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Empowering Speaking & Seminar Services

Want a fun and interesting talk about the inner workings of your mind and how you can control it? 

Tired of the boring sit-down, take notes, theory based talks and seminars?

Would you like a high energy, change fueled talk that leaves you pumped up and better than you came in? 

Think you know some people that would enjoy and benefit from that too? 

Me too! That's why I take some key fundamentals, tools and processes that I teach to all my clients and present them in a fun, upbeat way to educate and encourage change within a group setting. 


Whether it's a health and wellness trade show, corporate retreat, or just a small business meeting I have seminars and processes that teach success and motivational strategies that actually work right away. 

The perfect mix of comedy, education, music, energy and life changing techniques and processes available in 60-90 minute speaking engagements or 2 - 3 full day seminars.



Chris Minor speaking on the keys of success
chris minor speaking on the words of power.png
chris minor speaking at womens show about unlocking your success mindset
chris minor demonstrating hypnosis
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