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Smoking Cessation


Smoking is less of an addiction and more of a learned behavior.


Don't agree?

I've yet to meet a smoker that has woken up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with insatiable cravings for a cigarette.


So if this is truly an addiction, then let's agree that it's not much of one.


Let's even go so far as agreeing that it is no where near the level of say heroin addiction (which by the way is what most doctors compare it to).

Did that first cigarette taste so good and feel so amazing that you couldn't wait until you could have another one? No. You had to train yourself to enjoy them and you did this by telling yourself wonderful things about them.

If you are "addicted" to anything it's not to the cigarette or the nicotine but what you believe those things do for you. Read that again.


I stopped and never looked back. I didn't replace it with exercise, or water, or gum, or vaping (that wasn't even around yet), no patches, no drugs, nothing!


What the hell did I do right? Sure I made a choice to stop, threw away my nearly new pack of cigarettes, but I'd done that before many times, just as I am sure you have! 


What was it then?


Took me awhile but I finally figured out that I had an addiction equation running in my unconscious. 


If you do "A"(smoking) then you get "X,Y & Z"(positive gains) and if you can't do "A" then you can't have "X, Y & Z". Even worse is if you can NEVER again do "A" you will NEVER ever again have "X, Y & Z". So why would you ever WANT to give up "A". 

This equation is a human equation, which means it's running inside every single one of us! 

That means we can be "addicted" to ANYTHING!


Scientists analyze poisons and understand how and why they work on the human nervous system so they can create an antidote. This is no different.

I just retraced my steps and found the pattern I used to literally change my mind and started applying it to people. Great things about people is that as individuals we are complex but as humans we are the same. This works on humans, so if you are human.. it'll work for you. 

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