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Clinical Coaching & Counseling

Not everyone is ready for the rapid and aggressive change work that comes with the Zen Level Method, and that's okay. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Someone to review your day with, or go over your thought processes about a particular situation or issue. A professional who will listen to you, breakdown and explain what is happening on a psychological level, provide solutions, methodologies and strategies that you can apply to move through to success.

So whether you are well on your way and just need that extra push? Just need a different style and approach? Whatever your reason we offer sessions to fine tune the tools and skills you already have and give you new ones to add to your toolkit. We've taken all the complicated stuff and broken it down into fun and easy to apply systems to get you where you are going successfully. This is perfect for the individual who changes best when they know how and why and can talk through it. Make no mistake though, this is not your normal talk therapy. This is the difference between buying a gym membership and hiring a personal trainer. Just for your brain!  

It is for this reason we are trained in clinical coaching and counseling skills. After all, cognitive behavioral therapy methodologies provided the foundation for the Zen Level Method. It's simply a longer, smoother journey to the goal line. 

Our counseling/coaching methodology is based on providing an open and safe space to explore ideas and understandings at a rate and speed that is comfortable for you.

Counseling can be useful for many things such as, but not limited to;

  • relationships

  • grief/loss

  • intense emotions (anger, sadness, etc)

  • anxiety/depression

  • business/finances

This is an excellent way to ease into the therapeutic process of change without the use of direct hypnosis. 

*average session is 1 hour

Available as a session to session process


10 session packages at a discounted price  

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