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  • Until further notice all hypnotherapy sessions will be done online (Zoom) at a $50 discount per session!
  • All 2020 speaking engagements and seminars have been cancelled until further notice.
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  • New Blog - How to Increase Your Mood Naturally with the "Chemical Trinity" (link)
  • December 13 2020 -Due to new restrictions all PLR and SLR sessions will resume January 11th 2021
  • December 23rd 2020 - I will be a guest speaker on Business Talk Radio speaking about hypnotherapy

Welcome to the Zen Level

Powerful, Permanent, Positive Change

Rated Best Hypnotherapy Practice in Calgary in 2020!

2021 is the time to take back control of your life and make this year the start of the best years of your life with zen level therapy





Zen Level Therapy is an original, customized program of therapy, which can help people overcome physical, mental, and emotional difficulties in their lives. Often with more success than traditional methods of treatment such as drug therapy, or talk therapies like coaches, counselors, psychologists, etc.

The Zen Level Method is a hypnotic process which deliberately ignores the conscious mind, working directly with the subconscious and unconscious minds, where the source of the issues are.


Why Hypnosis?

Because every area of our lives - relationships and sex, mental health and physical wellbeing, finances and career are all based on the mindsets and processes that run just outside of our conscious awareness in our 'blind-spots'. Invisible processes we all have that affect the way we think, feel, and behave.


The techniques known as "hypnosis"  provide access to these processes and mindsets allowing us the choice to; keep them, change them, or simply remove them and create new ones. Since the "hypnotic state" is a natural human experience, it means everyone can enter this state and gain the benefits.

What Makes Us Different?

Traditional cognitive therapy, your coaches, councilors, psychologists, etc on average take about 6 years at around $100.00 - $250.00/hr to see results. That means if you found the cheapest therapist you would be looking at around $7,200 and 6 years of work. 

Zen Level Therapy's core method is 6 sessions, takes a little over a month and client's typically start to see results within the first 2 weeks!

Powerful, Permanent, Positive Change.


Zen Level Therapy



Calgary Hypnosis Explorers Meetup Group

2nd or 3rd Wednesday of Every Month

@Calgary Business Center  (LINK)

March 8th -10th 2019 - Calgary, AB

Health and Wellness Expo 

Nutrien Bldg, Stampede Park 

April 13th 2019 - Okotoks, AB

Health & Wellness Show

Foothills Centennial Centre

October 16th 2019 - Calgary, AB

The Hypnosis Q.U.A.D.D

Calgary Business Center (LINK)

October 19th 2019 - Cochrane, AB

Cochrane Women's Show

Lions Club Event Centre (LINK)

November 9th-10th 2019 - Calgary, AB

Success Mindset 2 Day Intensive

Calgary, AB

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All 2020 speaking engagements and seminars have been cancelled.

Stay tuned to our social media pages and website for updated dates and events! 



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