Hypnotherapy 101

While the Zen Level Method is a unique process it does have it's roots in psychology, NLP, counseling/clinical and hypnotherapy ideologies and methodologies. Here is a brief 


Hypnotherapy - the induction of a specific altered state (trance) for memory retrieval, relaxation, or suggestion. 

Hypnotherapy is often used to alter habits (e.g., smoking, obesity), treat biological mechanisms such as 

hypertension or cardiac arrhythmia, deal with the symptoms of a disease, alter an individual's reaction to 

disease, and affect an illness and its course through the body. -Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 9th Edition

Ok, so what does that all mean?

The diagram below illustrates how the 3 parts of your mind work to create the current version of you.



As you can see, the places that require access are all located below the conscious level. 

This is where the Zen Level Method comes in. With extensive knowledge of how the mind works, and the hypnotic state, clients are taken into profound levels of trance where powerful change work can happen. 

human mind model detailing the conscious mind subconscious mind and unconscious mind