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10 Ways Relationships Change Us (and Them)

Whether it is a romantic, business, family, friendly, a casual relationship, we change and are changed by the constant interactions we have with other human beings. As we place meaning to each and every interaction we have, even the 10 second interaction you have with a complete stranger creates some kind of change within us.

So let's look at 10 different ways the interactions we have within the array of relationships we form and create, change us!

1. Personal growth

Relationships can provide opportunities for personal growth and development. For example, being in a relationship may inspire you to become a better person, or to work on areas of your life that need improvement. Encouragement from, or even just looking up to a person can allow you to create change within yourself faster than if you hadn't been inspired by them.

2. Communication skills

Good relationships require you to develop and improve your communication skills. For example, being in a relationship may help you learn how to more effectively express your thoughts and feelings so that you feel more heard and understood.