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Unlocking Your Success Mindset in 5 Steps!

Updated: May 4, 2019

I just spoke recently this past weekend about the 'Success Mindset', what it is, how to #unlock it, and what to do with that information. To be honest mindsets are different for everyone because they are individually unique to us all. Naturally I ran into the issue of, how do I take a one-on-one session and expand it so an entire group can benefit? So here is how I did it!

1. What is a Mindset?

Technically speaking a #mindset is "a group or collection of beliefs and/or ideas that an individual holds which influence their decisions". This is a pretty dry definition so an easier way to put it would be, do you vote? If you answer yes, then you have a political mindset, meaning you hold a group or collection of ideas and/or beliefs which influence how you vote. Oh and just so you know, if you answered no, you hold a group of ideas or beliefs that influenced that decision.

This analogy can be used across the board. From #relationships and #love, to #money and #success, we have mindsets about how it should be, what it should be, why it should be, etc. So now that we know what a mindset is and that we have them, how do we figure out what our mindset is?

2. Preparing to Unlock our Mindset!

First we must understand that we are not complicated. Our conscious minds, #ego, and #pride complicate us. Basically we are complicated because we are #human, not because we are complicated. Now that we have that out of the way I would like to quickly explain the difference between #hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy. #Hypnosis moves conscious thought out of the way to work with the subconscious which holds all the answers. In this way I can get results in 1-3 months, typically within 1 - 6 sessions.

Cognitive therapy deals with the conscious mind and peels backs all the layers one-by-one as you work through all the answers you can think of. Eventually you are left with your answer as you have eliminated all other possibilities so must accept it as truth. While that might be a nice and comfortable process to work through your issues, it takes a lot of time and money. About 6 years worth on average.

Why did I bother explaining all that? Because for the next step you need to go through it as quickly as possible so as not to let your conscious mind, and ego distract or derail you. Think about it this way, your conscious mind is more likely to tell you want you want to hear rather than what you need to hear. Listening to it takes you down the 6 year path, while listening to your inner voice (subconscious) will take you down the 1-3 month path. Either way is fine, it's simply a matter of how quickly you want results.

3. Unlocking the Success Mindset!

Take a sheet of paper and write down these 3 words; SUCCESS,in big bold letters with about 5-6 lines of space under each word. Then write MONEY, again leaving about 5-6 lines of space underneath it. Finally the word CAREER, with another 5-6 lines of space under it.

Under each word quickly write down 5-6 ideas or beliefs you have about those words. Again, you want to be quick about this as to not let your conscious mind lead you astray.

Once you do that for all 3 words go back and circle the ideas/beliefs you feel hold true for you. If you do this correctly at least 90% of what you wrote will be true whether you like what you see or not.

The next step is to write down when those circled beliefs/ideas became something you now hold. How old were you? What grade were you in? What month? What year? If you are not sure, put down a "?" or write "I don't know". Contrary to popular belief those are acceptable answers. Again, do not overthink this process, you are looking for answers you know, not think.

Once you are done that process, write down next to your answers, where did this belief or idea come from? Peers? Family? Media? Teachers? Was it an original thought you had while in a zen-like state riding bareback on an elephant in Thailand? Where did this belief originate from?

4. Changing Your Mindset!

Now look at your paper. It is a road map for this particular mindset! If you have more question marks or "I don't knows" than answers you simply need to look deeper for the answers. Like all maps, there are worn areas, maybe even missing sections that we need to find or re-explore to fill back in. I recommend a hypnotic session to lift the fog of time to find those memories. For the answers you do have, it is now easy to revisit those times and determine if that specific belief still serves you or if it needs to change, or be completely removed.

5. The Hypnotic State

By utilizing the hypnotic state known as trance you are easily able to modify and remove existing beliefs as well as create new ones that go unchallenged by your conscious mind. This is change work in it's most powerful and rawest form. Learning to control and program your subconscious is a powerful tool you can utilize for your entire life.

While you do not require the use of hypnosis to see results with this method, it does speed up the process and effectiveness. It's like the difference between going to the gym to workout by yourself, or going with a trainer. Both will get you excellent results if you do the work, one is just going to get you those results quicker and easier.

I hope you enjoyed this session as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please note that the live training did contain a hypnosis section that is obviously missing in this post. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a session with me you can find a link below!

Like always leave me a comment or a thumbs up below to let me know if you liked this kind of content and if you would like to see more from me!


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