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Past Life Regression

According to Wikipedia anywhere from 12-44% of the population (depending on the country you survey) believe in reincarnation (20% in the United States). The further east you move the higher the percentage as most Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism believe in reincarnation. The idea that the human experience is just that, an experience, is catching on though. In fact, 25% of Christians in the US now believe in reincarnation. So, it's no wonder that people are curious about their past lives. 

In the past, Past Life Regression was for the most part thought of as novelty. Often compared and likened to the practices of palm reading, and fortune telling. Purely for entertainment purposes only. Since we perceive what we believe, it's no surprise that outcome has been so widespread, for so long. Over the last 20 years people have started to ask tough questions and seek answers to the every burning question, "what comes next"? This awakening, and hunger for answers has propelled the field of hypnotic regression further than ever before. 

There are now thousands of Past Life Regression case studies when before there were only hundreds. More importantly, people are getting some of the answers they have been looking for.

NOTE: Stand-alone Past Life Regression sessions are experiential and exploratory only.


Past Life Regression requires a much deeper level of trance/hypnosis than hypnotherapy. As we are unable to determine the level trance you will allow yourself to achieve, or how much you will be capable to recall during the session, results are not guaranteed.


Past Life Regression for therapy purposes is reserved for past and current clients ONLY. We will not perform a PLR session to address current life issues until it is determined that the issues were not created in this life. 


If you have any questions or require any further clarification feel free to contact us for more information.   

Now, some still think that regressing into a past life is the ultimate form of regression. While it is true that experiencing your past lives will add an element of clarity, understanding, and purpose in this life. I am here to tell you that it this is only the first step into truly understanding your ultimate purpose and life destiny. 

Soul Regression is the next step.  Experience your life between your lives!

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