Soul Life Regression

Soul Life Regression or Spiritual Regression was made famous by Dr. Michael Newton in his books Life Between Lives, Journey of Souls, and Destiny of Souls. Using his methodology I take you into a past life, through your death scene, and then into the time between your death and rebirth. This time and space has many names, but all agree on one thing; it feels like returning home. 

This is currently the ultimate form of regression, and where many answers can be sought.  

Such as; 

  • Your purpose in this current life 

  • The current life path you have chosen, and why 

  • Who your guardian is and is there anything they need you to know

  • Your true name

  • Who are your soul mates, soul family and soul group

As with Past Life Regression, stand-alone Soul Life Regression sessions are experiential and exploratory only. Any Past Life or Soul Life trauma healing required must be done though a therapy program. For more information please contact us


This is a very powerful and moving experience reserved for the most dedicated of truth seekers.