Soul Life Regression

Soul Life Regression or Spiritual Regression was made famous by Dr. Michael Newton in his book Live Between Lives. Using his methodology I take you into a past life, through your death scene, and then into the time between your death and rebirth. This time and space has many names, but all agree on one thing; it feels like returning home. 

This is currently the ultimate form of regression, and where many answers can be sought.  

Such as; 

  • Your purpose in this current life 

  • The current life path you have chosen, and why 

  • Who your guardian is and is there anything they need you to know

  • Your true name

  • Who are your soul mates, soul family and soul group

As with Past Life Regression, your Soul Life Regression session comes with 1 hypnotherapy session afterwards to help you apply the information learned to your current life. 


This is a very powerful and moving experience reserved for the most dedicated of truth seekers. 


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