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The Pleasure Principle

Please be advised that this program is for WOMEN ONLY!

Men, feel free to visit the Gold Standard Relationship Program designed just for you! 

Alright ladies, now that we are alone, let's talk about pleasure! Physical pleasure! You know the kind I am talking about... that toe curling, eyes rolling into the back of your head, guttural moaning pleasure!!

Now based on your reaction to that, you either fall into, "hell yes!", "hell no!" or somewhere inbetween on this topic. That's fine, because no matter where you fall it does not change the simple fact that physical pleasure is quite possibly the single, greatest motivating force in the known universe! That's right. A master of pleasure can move mountains! Don't believe me? Think about how much time you spend doing things you enjoy compared to the things you don't. 

Pleasure comes in many forms, however physical pleasure is by far the most powerful. Why else would we spend thousands of dollars every year to surround and clothe ourselves in textures and fabrics that feel good to the touch? Because physical pleasure feels good! Why are sex toys a 12 billion dollar industry in the US alone? Because physical pleasure feels good!!

"I Don't Have a Dirty Mind, I Have a Sexy Imagination"

The Science Behind the Program - 

Before we dive deeper, let's bring some psychology into this. Back in 1920 Sigmund Freud theorized the pleasure principle. He stated that the pleasure principle is the instinctive seeking of pleasure and avoiding of pain to satisfy biological and psychological needs. Specifically, the pleasure principle is the animating force behind the id. What does that mean? It means that your brain works in one way; move you away from pain and move you into pleasure. 

So then what is the point of all this? Mastering your pleasure! Taking control of your own physical pleasure with nothing more than the power of your mind! Sounds like science fiction? Not really. The brain is the largest erogenous zone in the female body. It's quite simple really. Control your mind, control your pleasure; control your pleasure, control your life.

How can I possibly control my life with physical pleasure and orgasms?

  • Physical pleasure can be used as a motivating force to move the mind in a particular direction

  • Orgasms can be an explosive force when it comes to creating new belief systems

  • Both release massive amounts of good chemicals in the brain improving overall mental health

  • Freely feeling and being in control of your own pleasure supercharges your sex life and relationship

"You Can Be Orgasmic, Or You Can Be Neurotic, But You Can't Be Both"​

Why Should I Have More Orgasms?

Although the answer should be apparent, there are many reasons why women should orgasm more and more often. The main reason being that orgasms release "good chemicals" in your brain. These chemicals provides a large range of positive effects and benefits for you and your mental, emotional and physical well being. Such as;


Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Oxytocin has anti-stress properties that help reduce blood-pressure and cortisol levels leaving you feeling relaxed and content.


Helps with Sleep 

Orgasms drop endorphins which have a sedative like effect on the body and mind.


Help Alleviate Chronic Pain and Headaches 

Oxytocin contains analgesic capabilities which aid in pain management.


Stimulates the Brain 

Orgasms get the blood pumping all the way to the head bringing vital nutrients and oxygen. There are over 30 parts of the brain involved in an orgasm!

Battles Depression

Serotonin is dropped upon orgasm and is directly linked to mood which makes you feel happy and hopeful.

Keeps You Looking Younger and Healthier

Orgasms release human growth hormones which makes skin look and feel more elastic. DHEA not only has anti-depressant effects it also boots immunity. 

Reduces the urge to cheat

Oxytocin helps create stronger bonding within relationships. Studies have found that monogamous relationships where both partners orgasm frequently, compelled them to hold on tighter to the bond they already formed with their partners over forming new ones.


Live longer

Studies indicate that women who have more frequent orgasms live longer than those who didn't.


I could go on because there are a lot more benefits, but I think you get the point. More orgasms, more often, means even more positive benefits for you! 

Putting It All Together -

Let me put it bluntly. How would you like to experience the type of pleasure described at the start, anytime, anywhere, under any conditions just because you want to? We are talking fully clothed, no hands, no toys, no visual material, no physical stimulation, full on When Harry Met Sally restaurant scene instantly! How about using that powerful physical pleasure to reprogram your brain to destroy limiting belief systems, supercharge your motivational systems and absolutely obliterate self-sabotage? What about using that powerful physical pleasure as a reward system? What would your life be like if your brain rewarded you with physical pleasure for doing the things in your life that you know you should be doing anyways to achieve success and reach your goals?

This is not science fiction, this is The Pleasure Principle. This technology developed specifically by Zen Level Therapy is designed for the modern day woman looking to tap into that unlimited pleasure! Now available through a 6 session program.

"Not Many People Realize That the Biggest Roadblocks to Pleasure, Are Within the Mind."


Still not sold? That's ok. Relentless social conditioning has pretty much made sex for pleasure a taboo, especially for women. Using pleasure to control how your mind operates?! Yeah right! Culturally, women have been lied to. Led to believe that their pleasure and satisfaction rests in the hands of their partner. Or worse, in the hands of a vibrating machine. The truth is that the ultimate source of physical pleasure resides within your mind!


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