Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy is the process of regressing a person to an earlier time in their life. This can be done through partial regression, full regression or a mix of both. Regression therapy is a specialized practice and requires a broad understanding of how the mind stores and accesses information. As an experienced regressionist we can;

  • Eliminate Fears and Phobias

  • Release the Effects of Trauma and Abuse (physical, mental, emotional, sexual and PTSD)

  • Move through the Effects of Grief and Loss

  • Remove, Modify, Install Behaviors

  • Remove, Modify, Install Belief Systems 

  • Regress to Past Lives and Soul Lives

As with everything, we have developed our own unique techniques and processes to make this one of the most powerful change technologies in our arsenal. It is so powerful and effective, it is implemented within every single program we offer.


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