Past Life Regression

Past life regression has often been considered novelty, even compared and likened to palm reading, and fortune telling. Purely for entertainment purposes only. Since we perceive what we believe, it's no surprise that outcome has been so widespread, for so long. Only within the last few years has there been a mass awakening occurring. This awakening, and hunger for answers has propelled the field of hypnotic regression further than ever before. 

There are now thousands of case studies when before there were only hundreds. More importantly, people are now getting the answers they have been looking for. Past life regression can be used to explore not just past lives, but to connect current life events, and relationships as well. 

NOTE: We get a lot of people who come to us because a medium or psychic has told them that the reason they are experiencing 'X' in their life is rooted in a past life. This is most likely false. In the many years we have been doing PLRs I can count on one hand how many people have brought something like a trauma or believe into their current life. In 99% of cases our Zen Level Therapy process will work far better than a PLR session. It is for this reason we include 2 hypnotherapy sessions with every PLR and SLR session (excludes exploratory sessions).

Some still think that regressing into a past life is the ultimate form of hypnosis. While it is true that experiencing your past lives will add an element of clarity, understanding, and purpose in this life. Let me tell you that it this is only the first step into truly understanding, your ultimate purpose, and life destiny. 

Soul regression is the next step. 


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